Trading Tools

Sterling Commodities Corp. supports the following electronic trading tools to use when connecting to Sterling. We work with these vendors to constantly improve the quality of service and available features on these applications. Please do not hesitate to contact us or any of these vendors to install and start using these tools.


The X_TRADER® platform connects traders around the globe with the world's top futures exchanges and more.
TT connects to BrokerTec, CBOE Futures Exchange (CFE), Chicago Board of Trade, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Eurex, Eurex US, Euronext.liffe, Hotspot FX, Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Xetra), ICE Futures, IntercontinentalExchange®, Montréal Exchange, New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) and Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE). Additional exchange gateways are coming soon, including Borsa Italiana (IDEM) and Singapore Exchange (SGX).

X_TRADER® is among the most used futures trading platforms in the world. X_TRADER, TT's flagship order entry product, is the front-end screen of choice for professional derivatives traders, brokers and market makers. It incorporates single-click trade execution, high-speed connection to the world's largest futures exchanges, real-time fill and position details and the patented MD Trader®, a patented vertical market depth display that allows immediate reaction to market ebb and flow.


CQG, Inc. continues to set the standard for quality software in the trading community. We provide market data and electronic trading software, as well as technical analysis tools, for individual and institutional traders. Our engineers, sales staff and support personnel know what traders need, because many are traders themselves.

CQG Integrated Client, our flagship product, is the tool preferred by traders, brokers and market professionals worldwide. Traders can execute orders using a lightning fast connection to the world’s exchanges, and see their orders filled in real time.

CQG developed the trading community’s most robust order execution platform, and we continue working to create innovative features. We are refining the functionality of our ChartTrader, among the most elegant trading tools available.


By implementing revolutionary software products such as RTD Quote Machine®, RTD Electronic Eye®, RTD Basket Trader®, Dartboard Trader, Risk Management and Limit Control, RTD has made a name for itself as a trading application that is one step ahead of its time and has become the foremost trading choice for traders and market makers all over the world.

The RTD trading software solution has become universally recognized as the premier front-end trading tool for electronic markets. RTS is especially known for its options, futures and stock trading functionalities.

CTS|Cunnigham Trading Systems

CTS is the creator of T4, a fully hosted professional trading platform for futures and options. FCMs and brokers as well as their professional, institutional and retail traders, take advantage of CTS's fast, reliable trading network. T4 offers direct exchange connectivity to many of the world's largest exchanges, flexible risk management, and a suite of advanced trading components including: T4Charts, T4Desktop, and T4Mobile. Everything, for the same fee. Trade how you want, where you want. To learn more about CTS visit

CTS believes in offering you a total package with out the hidden fees. That means when you choose CTS, you get it all. Whether you're the firm supplying the front end to your traders, a professional trader who needs a robust front end, a retail trader who doesn't require a lot of functionality, a risk manager, or an account administrator. CTS caters to your needs, and offers everything you need, with one solution.

CTS is a technology company that understands your needs. CTS takes care of the technology, so that you can take care of your business.




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